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Tyrone Dubose


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Iconic R&B Historian, distinctive radio host, motivational speaker, and philanthropist Tyrone DuBose hails from Cincinnati, Ohio. Growing up wanting a career in entertainment, he began his lifelong pursuit in 1985, when he became the host for a television program in the South Bay area of Southern California.

Because of his incredible knowledge of R&B history and the national R&B singles charts,  DuBose created and hosts the radio program “Timeless Traxx”, a syndicated radio program that reaches over 40 stations and has went aboard to the International market in five countries.

On the show, DuBose counts down the top R&B songs in America according to the National R&B Charts. The show is a smash hit, and Tyrone’s years of experimenting with the format and approach keeps him consistently not only at the top of his industry, but with a program considered to being the fastest growing old school R&B countdown program in America.

Emerging from the show is “Do You Know”, an award-winning  YouTube webisode series that gives fans a visual of the radio show, with trivia about history of R&B.

His extraordinary knowledge of R&B history landed him a job as a show contributor for the popular TV One program “UNSUNG”. UNSUNG is the acclaimed award-winning series of one-hour biographies that celebrates the lives and careers of successful artists or groups who, despite great talent, over the years have been under-recognized or under-appreciated.

On the show he shares unknown facts and commentary about legendary artist such as Martha Wash, Kashif, Hi-Five, The Manhattans and others.  With admirable work ethics and determination to educate music lovers about behind the scene facts about their favorite artist, DuBose earned the title of R&B Historian after astonishing fans as well as producers with knowledge that took devotion and exploration to discover.


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