Meet the Band (Darren Batteast & Be On It)

Be On It formerly known and spelled as B. On. It Productions is a five member band formed four years ago in Indianapolis, Indiana. Recently Be On It has teamed up with Darren Batteast on a musical adventure and performed8cBWd8eh their first show together in Jackson, Tennessee. All five members include Joe Elliott III, Brandon Bufford, CJ Warfield, Shawn Davis, and Jesse Thompson.

“We were all musicians looking to do more with our gift, so we came together in order to find our own outlet. We then did a few local shows and played for many local artist.  It was all fun but we wanted to challenge ourselves and take what we do to another level.” says band member Thompson.

FB_IMG_1444410353457Thompson and the other four members entered into the Strange Arrange Competition in Nashville, TN in hopes of meeting new people, however, that was not the only thing they would be doing. Be On It ended up winning the competition which opened the door for greater opportunities. The band was able to do a commercial for Sony, a music video with Maroon 5’s PJ Morton, amongst other things.

“We had then became a household name because of that competition and took advantage of every opportunity given to us from that point on.” says Thompson.

Be On It will be having another live arrangement video coming in September.

“Advice I will give to those aspiring to be in bands and just starting out is to always have faith, always keep god first, and all else will follow.” says Thompson.

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