Back In The Station

This week #TheirVoiceRadio is back for their second semester! The panel hits the ground running with a quick wrap up of some topics discussed last semester then jump right into their new topics.  First, #TheirVoiceRadio discussed the women march that had previously taken place locally in Nashville. Next, the panel discussed the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States. They expressed their thoughts and viewpoints briefly and immediately jumped into the general topic of the night: The Fine Print. “The Fine Print” is a topic that focuses on the African American community and how they as a whole are lacking growth within their own communities and with money. At the 9 o’clock hour #TheirVoiceRadio goes straight into #DearTSU, which is a segment where students can come together as adults to discuss issues that concern them on and/or around campus. (disclosure statement included) Another segment, #OwnUp, follows immediately after which happens to be one of the hottest segments on the show. The panel comes together to have a little fun and discuss what people should “own up” to. Closing the show, the last segment is actually a game show called #ThatsSo90s Trivia Game. The panel comes together to play the trivia game that has a variety of categories to play, and whoever wins keeps their 90’s card for the week.

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