Black Entrepreneurs

#TheirVoiceRadio has Edmond Reddrick, a young DJ from Atlanta who is trying to expand his brand and build a multimedia empire as DJ Mon. Also, another guest coming onto the show is Justis Mckinney, a junior who has started her own cosmetic line. She will be explaining what drove her to become her own boss and how her progress has been so far. Rea Sylvester, a softball player has made time to build her own fashion alterations brand on campus. Lastly Torian Presely, an aspiring photographer will share with us how he built ttimeproductions. All special guests will share their feelings on how it feels to be their own boss and what their plans are for the future. At the 9 o’clock hour #TheirVoiceRadio goes straight into #DearTSU, which is a segment where students can come together as adults to discuss issues that concern them on and/or around campus. (disclosure statement included) Another segment, #OwnUp, follows immediately after which happens to be one of the hottest segments on the show. The panel comes together to have a little fun and discuss what people should “own up” to. Closing the show, the last segment is actually a game show called #ThatsSo90s Trivia Game. But since it is Black History Month the trivia game will be focused around black history trivia questions

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