DarrenB pays “IN THE MIX Radio” a visit!!

Nashville Hip-Hop artist
Nashville Hip-Hop artist

Today we had the very talented DarrenB come on “IN THE MIX RADIO”.DarrenB is a Nashville TN native, he began creating music at the early age of 8 having an early start to perfect his
craft. While taking a particular interest into hip-hop,DarrenB began creating hip-hop music. Never limiting
himself to one genre DarrenB considers himself an artist.He listens to all music to ensure he can infuse all music in his craft. While having a disbelief in a label to classify his music DarrenB creates universal music that reaches the masses. A unique sound that is his own, when you hear a DarrenB track, no other artist comes to mind due to its genuine distinctiveness. While being an artist who has spectacular lyrical abilities along with storytelling that embodies the art of hip-hop, DarrenB is also a producer who is a master of many instruments and makes instrumentals that only add to the one of a kind sound that is DarrenB. Make sure you go check him out on youtube. Link and show dates are below.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVP tdbHI98c
DarrenB Shows
07/02/16 The Warehouse Clarksville, TN
07/29/16 Island Vibes Nashville,TN
08/09/16 C2C The End Nashville,TN
09/20/16 The Foo Bar Nashville,TN
10/28/16 Fright Night Nashville,TN
11/06/16 The End Nashville,TN
11/19/16 Project Unity (bridge below space) Nashville,TN
12/05/16 Knockouts Atlanta, GA 12/09/16 The Fortress Nashville,TN
12/30/16 12th and Porter Nashville, TN

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