Hip Hop Music City

Nashville has always been known as a city for Country artists to thrive in. With South Broadway and it’s many honky tonks to Music Row lined up with studios catered to Country music, you would think that there is no other genre that can prosper in Nashville.

That is where you’re wrong.

Hip hop has been a major factor in Nashville since Young Buck was signed to G-Unit, giving the Nashville hip hop scene a look to outsiders. This feat has opened up a gateway for artist like Starlito, who was signed to Cash Money for a while and then going independent again.

Now, Nashville has many hip hop artists who are making major moves inside the city and all around Tennessee as well. People like Wilx, Alocodaman, Lil Bre and many more have such loyal followers and a plethora a music for new fans to look into. It is only a matter of time until someone else opens the door for the massive amount of hip hop brewing in the city.

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