PWI vs. HBCU pt.1

#TheirVoiceRadio will be having guests from different local universities such as Belmont, MT, and possibly Vandy (black students) to give their personal opinions on why they choose a PWI over an HBCU. They will also open up about their experiences and what they have gone through, the good and possible bad. The original panel from #TheirVoiceRadio will also give their own stories and things they have gone through at an HBCU. At the 9 o’clock hour #TheirVoiceRadio goes straight into #DearTSU, which is a segment where students can come together as adults to discuss issues that concern them on and/or around campus. (disclosure statement included) Another segment, #OwnUp, follows immediately after which happens to be one of the hottest segments on the show. The panel comes together to have a little fun and discuss what people should “own up” to. Closing the show, the last segment is our Black History Month trivia game.

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