January 30, 2023

Tennessee ranks highest for food deserts

A study says that Tennessee ranks highest for food deserts. In Tennessee alone, 12 % of residents are located in a food desert.

Shot of a young woman shopping in a grocery store

In Tennessee alone, 12 % of residents are located in a food desert. Many believe that the
term food apartheid should be used to better highlight the racially discriminatory political
structures and segregation that continue to impact nutritious food access and control. Tennessee
shows that food insecurities are in low-income, low-access areas. Food apartheid is a more
politically correct term than food deserts and the placements are transferable because of
Tennessee’s racist past.

However, many believe that using the term food apartheid is politically incorrect. Many politicians think that the term apartheid should be exclusively used for the policy used in South Africa that governed relations between the white and nonwhite majority. It was essentially sanctioned segregation along with political and economic discrimination in the latter half of the twenty century and repealed in early 1990 (“Apartheid”).

However, the word is not exclusively tied to the policy in South Africa and can be used to effectively communicate different situations that are explained in the definition: “segregation on the grounds of race” (“Apartheid”). Being that the definition effectively depicts the truths of food insecurity in these
neighborhood food apartheid is the correct term. The use of food apartheid better expresses the state of affairs in the United States and especially in Tennessee.

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