January 30, 2023

History: More blacks fear their physicians

An african woman who is sick, lies and recovers in her hospital bed

In my latest show Chillin W’ Your Girl Jayla I focused on the topic of the medical
mistrust and mistreatment of Black Americans throughout history. The segment highlighted the
mistreatment of African American women in the area of obstetrics.

Examples that were discussed included the use of African slaves in America as genie pigs to test reproductive tools and modern surgeries with no anesthesia. In the 1840s, a 17-year-old enslaved woman
endured 30 such surgeries, according to Dr. J. Marion Sims’ biography.

It also disclosed the practice of doctors serializing black woman without their knowledge and consent. The US bombarded with hatred after a 12 and 14-year-old were sterilized. This was the case that
shined a light on the situation. In the segment, I also talked about how black physicians during
the yellow fever were given false information that black people were immune which lead to 200
to 300 black physicians dying.

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